Bullying a growing epidemic essay

If you find that physical bullying is occurring, contact the appropriate school officials, or law enforcement officers — there are anti-bullying laws at the local, state and federal levels.

According to one statistically significant study, middle school age students experienced bullying on school grounds in the following locations: There are four general forms of bullying. It involves exclusion from groups, spreading malicious rumors and stories about others, and generally alienating people from social acceptance and interaction.

However, the psychological effects of physical bully may be even more pronounces than the physical scars.

Social bullying is more common among girls than boys. Verbal — Verbal bullying involves putting down others and bullying them using cruel, demeaning words.

So how do you know when a child is being verbally bullied? Nation Education Association The majority of bullying occurs at school, outside on school grounds during recess or after school, and on the school bus — or anywhere else students interact unsupervised.

Confident kids are less susceptible to verbal bullying than those who already struggle with poor self esteem and self image. Bullying may also occur at home between siblings or in the community where kids congregate. When cyberbully include threats of violence or sexually explicit content, law enforcement should be involved.

They often frequent social media sites such as facebook, twitter, etc. Physical bullying is damaging and can be emotionally and psychologically devastating. They may become withdrawn, anxious, distant, or want to stay home from school.

Focus on building their self esteem and get them involved in extracurricular activities outside of school such as team sports, music, art and other activities where they develop friendships and interact with others. Children being bullied socially may experience mood changes, become withdrawn, and start spending more time alone.

However, bullying can take on many forms which are just as emotionally and psychologically damaging as physical intimidation and harassment. Verbal bullying includes name calling, making racist, sexist or homophobic remarks or jokes, insulting, slurs, sexually suggestive comments, or abusive language of any kinds.

They may be straight forward and tell you that somebody said something that hurt their feelings, or ask you if something someone said about them is true.

Instead, they need to inform their parents or a teacher so the communication can be printed out and taken to the proper authorities. The most common types of cyberbulling include: Bullying statistics are staggering, scary and merit serious consideration and immediate action.

Students should be taught in the classroom to treat everyone with respect and that there is never an excuse for saying something mean or disrespectful to someone else.

Talk to them nightly about how their day went and how things are going in school. Cyberbullying — Cyberbullying is the least common type of bullying, but it can be just as damaging as other forms of bullying. Each monthstudents are physically assaulted in some way in secondary schools throughout the United States—and the number is growing.

Verbal bullying is one of the most common forms of bullying. Social — Social bullying is a common form of bullying among children and students. Kids and students who are cyberbullied exhibit many of the same characteristics as kids being bullied physically, verbally or socially.

Verbal bullying can be difficult to address.

Where Does Bullying Occur? Physical — Physical bullying involves aggressive physical intimidation and is often characterized by repeated tripping, pushing, hitting, kicking, blocking, or touching in some other inappropriate way.

The best way to identify social bullying is to stay close to your kids and maintain an open line of communication. Statistics suggest that revenge [due to bullying] is the number one motivator for school shootings in the U.

It occurs in our communities, in our schools — and sadly — even in our homes.

Bullying Epidemic: Facts, Statistics and Prevention

It includes any type of bullying that occurs via the Internet or through electronic medium. Cyberbullying takes place online and via digital communication devices.

Next to verbal bullying, social bullying is one of the most common forms of bullying. Signs of physical bullying may include unexplained scratches, bruises, and cuts, or unexplainable headaches or stomach aches.

Ask them if anyone has been, or is being, mean to them. It is rampant, widespread, pervasive and the effects can be catastrophic.The Growing Epidemic of Cyberbullying Essay. Length: words ( double-spaced pages) Rating: Good Essays.

Open Document. Essay Preview. Cyber bullying has been around since the creation of advanced communication technology. In the last few years, however, this issue has become more common, more related to sex and most of all.

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Des Diaz. Tags Short Stories Bully Bullying Bullied Short Story Essay School. Bullying is a real problem in school. There are many things we can do to prevent bullying. Three things that schools can do to reduce bullying among students are to get uniforms, better the punishments, and showing better.

Bullying - A Growing Problem essays?Bullying is an issue that has occurred for years in schools- appearing at each grade level. Though it is a well-known issue in schools, there has been little to no change in the prevalence of bullying. During the past decade, virtually every school across Washingt.

Bullying: A Growing Epidemic Essay Bullying: A Growing Epidemic Julius Lumpkins Comm/ 10/13/ April Adams Bullying: A Growing Epidemic Every day, someone, somewhere is being bullied or harassed.

Cyber-Bullying is a growing epidemic with children as well as teenagers that has to stop before someone ends up hurt or worse dead. “ Cyber bullying is defined as being cruel to others by using the Internet or other technologies, such as cell phones. Jan 07,  · Bullying; A Growing Epidemic in High School; A Growing Epidemic in High School.

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Bullying a growing epidemic essay
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