Censorship and the first amendment essay

Middle Tennessee State University, In these societies, the government censors views that are not in line with their policies, controlling controversial opinions on television, in newspapers, and even in public or private meetings. Our concerns occur, on account of special interest groups that are fighting to change the freedom of expression, the right to freely represent individual thoughts, feelings, and views, in order to protect their families as well as others.

Sullivanthe Court held that words can be libelous written or slanderous spoken in the case of public officials only if they involve actual malice or publication with knowledge of falsehood or reckless disregard for the truth. Blackholding that the First Amendment did not protect such acts when their purpose was intimidation.

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One of the common bases for partial censorship is proof that the freedom of speech causes imminent illegal action. All though these examples are valid motivations for censorship, initiating these steps would unveil a censorship disaster.

Works Cited Carney, John Jr. These individuals are concerned with indecent or improper material in their communities. New York to apply the First Amendment to limit state action, the Warren Court subsequently began dealing with these issues in the s on a case-by-case basis and spent hours examining material to determine obscenity.

He brings out the concept of societies control over the fate of free speech. The Court has held that the government may not suppress speech simply because it thinks it is offensive. The evolution of this law is still in progress, however, the limitation of the basic right to free speech may as well limit our freedom and democracy, therefore should be respected and protected.

We should consider ourselves lucky by world standards, in many countries the freedom of expression is extremely limited, or sometimes not permitted at all.

As we will come to find, our Supreme Court system plays an exceedingly important role in the subject of free speech and expression. Freedom of speech is essential part of democratic government, because the only way truth can emerge is when there is an open competition of ideas.

Thus, it is our right to evaluate items that, as a citizen, we feel as a matter of importance and speak publicly, publish, or express these feelings in any matter we deem necessary. Free Expression and the American Public: It is my view that this action would cause a national uprise of interests groups, as well as the individual, demanding that every division of published information be censored.

Essay/Term paper: Censorship and the first amendment

We must also realize that as our forefathers intended, our countries basic principles derive from this amendment. Our basic freedom is essential to a progressing society. With our ability to learn and to communicate with one another, this will only make the complex issue of censorship grow. Consider the special interest groups, that challenge the right to free expression, with those that secure this right to their everyday beliefs as free citizens in America.

Every item that is censored, or even not censored, affects all citizens within the collective community. Many consider the First Amendment to be our most precious constitutional freedom. As we will come to find, our Supreme Court system plays an exceedingly important role in the subject of free speech and expression.

The Supreme court has heard various cases pertaining to the freedom of speech, freedom of the press, issues of libel and slander, national security and obscenity.Essay on The First Amendment Words | 8 Pages. The First Amendment The First Amendment to the U.S.

Constitution is part of our countries Bill of Rights. Art Censorship essays Throughout the history of mankind, a portion of the population have felt the need to remove or suppress material that they consider to be morally, politically, or otherwise objectionable, such as books, films, or other materials.

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This right cannot be interfered with by the government at the state or federal level. MUSIC AND CENSORSHIP the FIRST AMENDMENT U.S. Constitution: Congress make law respecting establishment religion, prohibiting free exercise thereof; abridging freedom speech, press; people peaceably assemble, petition Government a redress grievances.

- The First Amendment is the first section of the Bill of Rights and is often considered the most important part of the U.S Constitution because it guarantees the citizens of United States the essential personal freedoms of religion, speech, press, peaceful assembly and the freedom to petition the Government.

Censorship and the first amendment essay
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