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This is, in your mind, your greatest desire in marriage. Take the initiative to be kind. It does not take into account past wrongs. Phileo conveys the idea of a common interest. The moment each partner begins to prioritize self before the other, the relationship is destined to fail.

Perhaps a wife who feels neglected or a husband who feels overlooked is reading my words. He is merely reacting to circumstances that displease him because he has no inner sense of significance and personal worth. I am personally grateful that I had a choice in the selection of a life partner; nevertheless, the pre-arranged relationships of eastern cultures were just as viable, if not more, than modern marriages in the west.

Interpreting human behavior through the philosophical grid of "victimism," psychotherapists suggest that the perpetrator cannot really be blamed for his conduct. If not, then start now, for God commands you to love. How can someone promise to feel a certain way until death?

God does not love His people because He is attracted to them, for there is nothing attractive in them.

It is, in fact, very unloving. Note he does not say, "Husbands, feel affectionate and romantic toward your wives. Every action is born from a sincere desire for the happiness of the loved one.

Love, the God-kind of love, is defined by the cross. Togetherness is the key word here, not mere geographic togetherness though physical presence is importantbut a sharing of the blessings and burdens, laughter and tears, hopes and disappointments, of every day experience as a team and a unit.

This attraction manifests itself by an unusual preoccupation with another person. We can talk to each other about anything and everything.

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What is this foreign kind of love known as agape? But where commitment is present, it is impossible to destroy that relationship. Interestingly, agape was virtually a Christian invention. Love is the act of showing patience, not irritability, when others falter, and kindness, which is the proof of patience.

This is the message you have been trying to get across to your mate over the past few months. In fact, the eros and phileo concepts are so deeply ingrained into our intellectual grid of life that agape may be, upon first glance, somewhat repugnant to us.

It "thinketh no evil. Yes, learned to love. For example, a man "falls in love" with a woman. Togetherness, consequently, is essential to a godly marriage: Definitions are "a dime a dozen. Nine times out of ten, selfishness is at the root of marital conflict.

The high and noble concept of Biblical love is something entirely different. Most people, like poor Woody Allen, are miserable because they look for love in all the wrong places. Husbands are under an obligation to sacrifice their own comforts and "needs" for the benefit of their wives, in the same way that the Lord Jesus Christ sacrificed Himself for the church.

Love is the willingness to bear all burdens, to trust your partner implicitly, to expect the best, and to endure the worst. But agape is the word the Holy Spirit employs and in fact, virtually coins to define "love" over two hundred fifty times in the New Testament.

But the point is that romance is not, in and of itself, the essential ingredient of a marriage that glorifies God and brings fulfillment to each respective partner -- love is. Far from producing happiness and stability, self-love breeds heartache and confusion. Is the friendship kind of love important in a relationship?

If you could just experience this kind of friendship with your spouse, a real relationship, not a mere coexistence, then you would have found "true love. Bear insult and injury meekly.

The word carries various emotional nuances, including "to be content with," "to have warm affection for," and "to like or value. It is the same kind of natural attraction that motivates a female bird to select one mate above several rivals, each vying for her attention.

English words philanthropy love of mankindphilosophy love of wisdomand philharmonic love of harmony are compounds of phileo, as is the proper name Philadelphia brotherly love. Does such a thing as eros, that is, romance, really exist?Online bookseller featuring Primitive Baptist print and audio media, and educational resources.

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Concept essays on friendship
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