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These claims are noted in a number of contemporary works Grabe et al. Their courteous attitude is one attribute on the part of the sentencers who may explain female offending in very different terms to male offending and who may be reluctant to send women to prison, especially if they have children.

But this does not imply that judges do not use that discretion at all, but criminal attitudes have changed, the rate of women offenders have considerably gone up. These references depict Sollecito and Lumumba as powerless, and secondary to Knox in the murder. In light of the results, the representation of Knox in the tabloid media can therefore be considered at once a reflection and construction of public attitudes towards crime, and in particular female offenders.

Female offences tend to be less serious and women are less likely to have a criminal record. There is, however, no unified theoretical or methodological means of achieving Double deviance thesis effective CDA van Dijk, As such, it will be useful for this project.

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Besides, she was also the second daughter of a respected and wealthy family. The History Learning Site, 25 May Sage Publications Lawton, J. The chivalry thesis — chivalry means treating others, especially women with courtesy, sympathy and respect.

Double deviance thesis Laurier Press Fowler, R.

Nevertheless, this study offers a valuable analysis of the media portrayal of Amanda Knox, which further underscores the role of gender in constructing and perpetuating common images of female offenders. Woman offenders are more likely than men to be discharged or given a community sentence and less likely to be fined or sentenced to prison.

However we need to take the seriousness of the offence and difference in offending history into account. In particular, it will investigate theories on female violence and examine existing notions on the portrayal of female criminals, with regard to their deviance, image and treatment within society and from the media.

The study also briefly interprets cultural differences in the coverage of each crime, situating this in the wider issues of news values and media ownership. The media painted Lizzie as the perfect lady with perfect woman like qualities. Open University Press Mansey, K.

Double Deviance and the Bad Woman

An alternate theory is the double deviance theory. For Pollak, one of the reasons why female crime is low and underreported was that females used sexuality to instigate crime and then captivate males in the criminal justice system to Double deviance thesis them lenient treatment. Textual Analysis for Social Research, London: The nature of the offense itself, described as a sexual crime, further implicates Knox as a dangerous sexual being.

The authors conduct a content analysis of font page newspaper stories from the Los Angeles Times and New York Times, all from On a wider level this is used to lend credibility to the portrayal of Knox as a possible offender.

As a result the study offers a valuable overview of theories on representations of women, crime and violence. These questions will be asked in order to identify whether or not existing theories on female offenders, in terms of gender roles, stereotypes and expectations, are relevant in contemporary media portrays of female criminals, with a particular emphasis on the Amanda Knox case.

New York University Press Heidensohn offers a broad analysis of the portrayals of deviant women and examines the female offender with regard to the criminal justice system, social roles, expectations, and criminology as a whole.

They have deviated from accepted social norms by breaking the law and deviated from gender norms which state how woman should behave. The text is significant in that it draws on a wide-ranging variety of sources including, but not limited to autobiographical accounts, crime statistics and established literature.

These social stereotypes are described as gender contract. Does double deviance cancels the consequences of chivalry hypothesis. Gurian points to a number of images typically employed in the portrayal of female offenders.

In the Mirror the involvement of Lumumba and Sollecito is downplayed further. As well as this there is very little literature that looks at pre-trial portrayals of female offenders.

Polity Press Fairclough, N. She dressed like a lady and her clothes were discussed extensively by the press. The murder of Meredith Kercher and subsequent trial created a media storm that primarily surrounded Knox, who was quickly linked to the crime and became the major focus of media coverage on the case.

Women and the criminal justice, Ivan Bacik This theory was heavily criticised by Pollak and others, they said that crimes committed by women went largely unreported or hidden. Macmillan Education Heidensohn, F.

The significance of the work lies in its subject matter, as Pollak points out, literature had previously ignored gender issues. As such, this paper will attempt to examine the following research questions.Issues Of Deviance And Social Control Sociology Essay.

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Published: Mon, 5 Dec Deviance is a term used by society to define behaviors that differ from the everyday. This research has shown that female offenders and female criminality is characterized by the following four major characteristics: (1) economic rationality, (2) heterogeneity of offenses, (3) fear and impact of deviant stigma, and (4) the experience of double deviance and double jeopardy as a result of sex discrimination by the criminal justice system.

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Are female offenders treated differently from male offenders within the criminal justice system? treatment. Heidensohn (), a feminist, criticises Pollak’s chivalry thesis suggesting that his ideas are based on female biology therefore ahistorical, unsociological and ideological.

Therefore the courts operate a double standard for. Relations between gender and crime Introduction. The relations between gender and crime are deep, persistent and paradoxical. Gender has been recognized as one of the most important factors that play a significant role in dealing with different kinds of crimes within criminal justice systems.

According to Becker from the perspective of Labelling Theory, no actions are by nature criminal or deviant but instead depends on the ‘norms’ created by any given society.

Therefore, deviance is only deviance if labelled as such through the process of interaction in which meaning is established (Sociology in perspective, pg ).

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Double deviance thesis
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