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Around million people currently suffer from such conditions, placing mental disorders among the leading causes of ill-health and disability worldwide. The policy directions have never been so clear, says WHO.

Total monthly blue water availability in a grid cell WAtot is the sum of locally generated blue water in the grid cell WAloc and the blue water flowing in from upstream grid cells. Businesses depending on water in their operations or supply chain also face increasing risks of water shortages 1 Countries should move towards setting up community care alternatives in a planned manner, ensuring that such alternatives are in place even as institutions are being phased out.

The reason for the low sensitivity is the huge temporal mismatch between water demand and availability: Blue water footprint and blue water availability are expressed in cubic meters per month.

World Health Organization, Geneva, They are expected to rank second bybehind ischaemic heart disease but ahead of all other diseases. Choices must be made among a large number of services and a wide range of prevention and promotion strategies.

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Because there are economic activities consuming water in the upstream grid cells, the blue water generated upstream is not fully available to the Four p s cell. For each month of the year, we considered the year average for the period — The lack of access to affordable treatment makes the course of the illness more severe and debilitating, leading to a vicious circle of poverty and mental health disorders that is rarely broken.

Depressive disorders are already the fourth leading cause of the global disease burden. Measuring at a basin scale and on an annual basis hides the water scarcity that manifests itself in particular places and specific parts of the year.

Such institutions lead to a loss of social skills, excessive restriction, human rights violations, dependency, and reduced opportunities for rehabilitation.

Stigma, discrimination and neglect prevent care and treatment from reaching people with mental disorders, says the World Health Organization WHO. Despite the chronic and long-term nature of some mental disorders, with the proper treatment, people suffering from mental disorders can live productive lives and be a vital part of their communities.


These data show the aggregated blue water footprint per grid cell from the agricultural crop and livestockindustrial, and municipal sectors.

Demand is generally much lower than availability or the other way around. In the latter two countries, it concerns all people in the country, which puts those countries in an extremely vulnerable position.

Constant exposure to severely stressful events, dangerous living conditions, exploitation, and poor health in general all contribute to the greater vulnerability of the poor. Water scarcity in the Arabian Desert is worse than that in other deserts because of the higher population density and irrigation intensity.

The results are not very sensitive to the assumption on the level of environmental flow requirements. Table 1 Number of people facing low, moderate, significant, and severe water scarcity during a given number of months per year, for the average year in the period — Governments who are just starting to address mental health will need to set priorities.

Governments should move away from large mental institutions and towards community health care, and integrate mental health care into primary health care and the general health care system, says WHO.

The most prominent example of a disappearing lake as a result of reduced river inflow is the Aral Sea in Central Asia 1819but there are many other smaller lakes suffering from upstream water consumption, including, for example, Chad Lake in Africa 19 An important part of a strategy to reduce the pressure on limited blue water resources will be to raise productivity in rain-fed agriculture Water productivities in crop production will need to be increased by increasing yields and reducing nonproductive evaporation 36 We find that the number of people facing severe water scarcity for at least 4 to 6 months is 1.

Natural runoff per grid cell was estimated by adding the actual runoff and the blue water footprint within the grid cell.

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The blue water footprint of crop production was estimated by considering blue water consumption per crop per grid cell, based on crop maps, data on growing periods, estimated irrigation requirements, and data on actual irrigation. What it requires is the courage and the commitment to take the necessary steps.

Monthly blue water availability per grid cell was calculated as the natural runoff minus the environmental flow requirement. Only in times wherein water demand and availability are of the same magnitude can changes in one or the other flip the situation from one scarcity level to another.

Blue water scarcity values were classified into four ranges 15 The current study sets the stage for intra-annual water scarcity measurement. Treatments are available, but nearly two-thirds of people with a known mental disorder never seek help from a health professional.

Future improvements in assessing water scarcity can possibly be achieved by better accounting for the effect of artificial reservoirs in modifying the seasonal runoff patterns and alleviating scarcity. Where there is no understanding, there is neglect.

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Mental disorders affect one in four people

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