Menstrual synchrony essay

She reported a statistically significant average difference of 5.

Out for blood : essays on menstruation and resistance

The lesbian couples were drawn from a larger sample of women who had kept daily records of their menstrual cycles for three months and who had participated in a previous study. In this example, cycles gradually converge and A and B may "experience" synchrony for five months.

By the same token, if males during the course of human evolution became valued by females Menstrual synchrony essay additional purposes — hunting and bringing home food, for example — then females should resist being controlled by dominant male harem-holders.

She considered the levels of all the women in the village, all the women in the same lineage, and all the women in the same economic unit i. Suppose A has menstrual cycles that are 28 days long and B has cycles that are 30 days long. If males are useful partners to have and keep around, then ideally each female should have at least one for herself.

Even if the phenomenon occurs, and even if human pheromones cause it, so what? They discussed several factors that could have prevented synchrony in their study but they strongly suggested that menstrual synchrony may not be a real phenomenon because of the methodological issues Wilson raised [10] and because menstrual synchrony appears to lack adaptive significance.

Based on this assumption and one menstrual onset for each woman in a couple, they calculated the degree of synchrony.

Menstrual synchrony

The coupled-oscillator hypothesis proposed estrous cycles in rats were cause by two, estrous phase dependent pheromones that mutually modulated the length of cycles in a group and thereby causing synchrony. Moving from one female to the next, a single dominant male under these conditions can exercise a monopoly.

Can Women’s Periods Really Sync Up?

The duration of menstrual synchrony also was highly variable with responses ranging from one to two months to 12 months or more.

Thus, a maximum swelling difference of 8. They found no evidence of synchrony. The women were given notebooks to record the onset of each of their cycles and they collected data for over a year for most of the women. She reported that the women did not synchronize. Pheromonesor "airborne chemical signals that are released by an individual into the environment and which affect the physiology or behavior of other members of the same species," have been thought to play a role.

Menstrual Synchrony: Do Girls Who Go Together Flow Together?

Put all that together, and you can see that often cycles will overlap simply by chance, and that it is difficult to define synchrony. It all started with Martha McClintock. However, instead of asking women to recall when their last and next to last menstrual onsets occurred, one of the researchers visited the sorority daily to record the occurrence of menstrual onsets and to collect other biographical data.

A has day cycles and B has day cycles. Considering that the mean duration of menses is 5 days [9] and the range is 2 to 7 days, [64] the probability of menstruation overlap by Menstrual synchrony essay should be high.Essay about The Menstrual Period: Becoming a Woman - The Menstrual Period When little girls are in the process of growing into women, there are certain changes that take place.

The first major change that will take place is puberty. Essay about Menstrual Synchrony Words | 3 Pages Menstrual Synchrony Generations of women have noticed it: you and your sister, or your roommate, or lover, or mom, get your periods at the same time.

menstrual synchrony occurs in humans would justify a major research effort to identify the pheromone or other phenomenon responsible for this effect. Confirming menstrual synchrony in humans also could contribute to the emerging body of.

Menstrual synchrony, also called the McClintock effect, is an alleged process whereby women who begin living together in close proximity experience their menstrual cycle onsets (the onset of menstruation or menses) becoming more synchronized together in time than when previously living apart.

"For example, the distribution of onsets of seven. Out for blood: essays on menstruation and resistance. [Breanne Fahs] menstrual synchrony as a projection of gendered solidarity --The menstrual stain as graffiti --Dispatches from the blogosphere --In praise of cycles --"Feminine hygiene" and the ultimate double standard name " Out for blood: essays on menstruation and.

Menstrual Synchrony Generations of women have noticed it: you and your sister, or your roommate, or lover, or mom, get your periods at the same time. It doesn't always happen, but it catches the attention when it does.

Menstrual synchrony essay
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