Pre writing activity the hunger games

In fact, creating a facebook profile is probably the most engaging of all Hunger Games activities students. Students then go the the computer lab or library in groups to research various oppressive regimes around the world today.

Students with an artistic flair a eye for fashion get a big kick out of designing their own Tribute costumes.

The Hunger Games – Huge Collection of Teaching Resources

Instead of launching right into a traditional character sketch, consider having your students begin with a social media profile. I hope the suggestions above help show you the range of possibilities when devising Hunger Games activities.

Begin with a lesson about propaganda in general. What is its purpose? There are also many opportunities for fun, creative activities while studying The Hunger Games. Their are several ways you can approach this. Once students have created social media profiles, you can teach them the proper structure and content for a character sketch.

You can also have students design their own diabolical Hunger Games arena. Another fun activity to do with The Hunger Games is to have your students create propaganda posters.

Students love to create facebook and twitter profiles for characters, and this is particularly true for The Hunger Games. There are also many Hunger Games activities you can devise and conduct focusing on characters from the novel.

You could begin by conducting a brief lesson on what it means to be "oppressive" and "repressive," then talk about how governments can sometimes be oppressive and repressive.

The first thing you might want to consider when planning your Hunger Games activities is a research project. The students love it, and there are many important issues and themes to explore.

The Hunger Games is a wonderful novel to teach. Then have students create propaganda posters that the Capitol might post throughout the districts. This is a great Hunger Games activity because it helps students link the text to the real world, making it more relevant and meaningful.

This might be my favorite of all the Hunger Games activities I do. When and where has it been used? Why is it effective? Fortunately, The Hunger Games is a great novel for spawning engaging, meaningful activities, and it is easy to go beyond the regular standards.

Visit my homepage to find great Hunger Games activities. They then have their profiles to consult while writing their sketches, which provides scaffolding and creates a logical flow between Hunger Games activities.Find and save ideas about Hunger games activities on Pinterest.

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Hunger Games Activities

• The Hunger Games is a thematic unit designed to teach grade English Language Arts and a pre-curser to the next Shakespeare unit.

• Reading and writing are also encompassed in everyday instruction. The students will read a. A Pre-Reading Activity for The Hunger Games Students use the Visual Thesaurus to help them categorize words from the first chapter of The Hunger Games as a means to predict the novel's central themes.

Then, after reading the chapter, students analyze those same words in the context of the novel. The Hunger Games Gender Empowerment Lesson Plan Overview of The Hunger Games [Tip: post pre-printed term definition sheet for Gender for student reference.] Explain that books, movies, music and videos influence Writing Activity The Hunger Games characters exemplify people who display a full range of.

Hunger Games Pre-Reading Activity: From the list below, circle which items you would take with you if you were going to be put out in the woods to survive for several weeks. Detail below why you would choose these items. With the cosmic success of The Hunger Games, many teachers are combing the net and wracking their brains for Hunger Games activities.

Fortunately, The Hunger Games is a great novel for spawning engaging, meaningful activities, and it is easy to go beyond the regular standards.

Pre writing activity the hunger games
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