Review of the book the headless cupid written by zilpha keatley snider

First task was to not allow anything that is made of metal touch their skin — and this would last the entire day. At the time I could on I was 12 when I first picked up this book, I had just move hundreds of miles away from my home to a new school new step family and knew nobody.

The Headless Cupid by Zilpha Keatley Snyder

End Notes The story ends with Amanda discovering some lessons in love and learning hard truths about what family means.

It is also heartwarming to see how much the twins simply adore David and everything he does.


This book is at least twenty years old but still reads well. Despite the ruckus that she created towards the end, she got more than her comeuppance when what started out as her little prank turned into something that became way too big for her to handle — requiring parental intervention and the authentic supernatural powers of Blair, whom she initially dismissed as a mere kid with limited language skills.

Molly said that Blair had the kind of face you very seldom see on a real person. And of course there is the final ceremonial rate where they are not allowed to wear white not even their underpants as was clarified by Janieand where they are asked to steal an article of clothing, as well as wear something that was once owned by a dead person.

Snyder has a way of making children come alive — she could actually be a child psychologist, since she GETS kids: Over the years I have looked at different libraries and found a few, but over the last 2 years I have discovered the internet and I no long have any limits to which ones I can get and read.

Naturally, this poses a problem as to how the kids would eat, touch the faucets, help cook meals — among others. Does it make it any easier to adapt to a blended household if you somehow felt that it wasnt so much a matter of choice, given that a parent died out on you anyway?

But after that it was the story that carried it, it was the very first book I read completely and then read again. David thinks his stepsister is behind it all but the last event leaves him wondering if a poltergeist really has come back to haunt the house.

Amanda in making her mother cry or David who is trying to keep the family peace and essentially protecting his stepmom Molly from her own daughter while going through the motions of following the supernatural tasks cooked up by Amanda. I have bought the ones I read and loved so long ago.

This is how Snyder describes her: What Did I Think of It?

A description of Blair goes like this: When his twelve-year-old stepsister, who claims to be a student of the occult, comes to live with the Stanley family, odd things begin to happen around the house. Honestly I only desided to read it because the two main characters were David and Amanda.

It is the latter that makes the book such a hilarious read. Here is an excerpt of what happened during dinner time: This is one book that I simply enjoyed reading.Old ghosts are ingeniously resurrected when eleven-year-old David Stanley's father remarries and a new stepsister, Amanda, comes to live in the family's recently purchased house, where a cupid on the bannister has been mysteriously headless since previous residents endured a poltergeist manifestation in LibraryThing Review User Review - AbigailAdams26 - LibraryThing.

Jessica, whose mother Joy is frequently absent, finds herself the unwilling adoptive mother of an ugly kitten named Worm in this third Newbery-Honor book from the prolific Zilpha Keatley Snyder 3/5(9).

The recipient of three Newbery Honor Book awards for "The Egypt Game," "The Headless Cupid," and "The Witches of Worm," Zilpha Keatley Snyder began writing books for children in when her first book, "A Season of Ponies," was published/5.

The Headless Cupid

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for The Headless Cupid by Zilpha Keatley Snyder () at Read. by Zilpha Keatley Snyder, illustrated by Alton Raible "Because the episode is handled with restraint, We can only question, not condemn; the decision is yours." Offbeat kids, in dialogue, ingenious pretense and attendant complications—all the elements for ten, eleven-year-old enjoyment, and then a problem: a criminally insane killer of children.

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When the four Stanley children meet Amanda, their new stepsister, they''re amazed to learn that she studies witchcraft.

Review of the book the headless cupid written by zilpha keatley snider
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