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Rob Parson had to pass the degree performance evaluation process to secure his promotion to the position of Managing Director. Unfortunately, Parson was sharp tongued, impatient and often difficult to work with.

After assessing this situation and the impact of promoting Parson on the culture and values of Morgan Stanley, I recommend deferment of his promotion till the cultures of Morgan Stanley can be fully inculcated in him through training and counseling for the following reasons: He however lacked team player spirit and interpersonal skills to relate successfully with his colleagues.

A high level summary and my personal recommendation would follow shortly. The outcome of the decision is vital to the retention of Parson in the company. The degree performance evaluation was a platform through which all professionals in the firm were evaluated by superiors, colleagues and subordinates with the aim of providing every employee the opportunity to know how well they faired and advice on their potential areas for development.

To avert the possibility of Rob Parson leaving the company on the decline of his promotion, I advise his being given incentive in terms of bonus being an incremental percentage based on the number of business he brings in so as to keep him happy and inspired to work even harder pending the expiry of his probationary period or period of inculcating in him the culture and values of Morgan Stanley.

So enough talk, lets get down to the nitty gritty of the case study. Parson had a proven track record in financial services and Nasr felt that Parson had the type of energetic, entrepreneurial nature that Morgan Stanley needed to penetrate the sector.

I recently stumbled on this interesting case study by the harvard business school on Rob Parson. He created a hostile environment around him and his resultant negative performance evaluation has put Nasr, his boss in dilemma as to whether to put him up for promotion or not.

Clients loved him and always looked forward to doing business with him as they felt he was one of the most amusing, entertaining and interesting people to be with. He made things that otherwise would never have happened to happen. Rob Parson, a gifted banker with 10 years of experience had built strong relationships and reputation with the important players in the banking and insurance industries.

Though the position that Parson was hired to fill had a reputation for being notoriously difficult to perform and had seen a tremendous amount of turnover at Morgan Stanley, Parson was a strong revenue producer and had generated a great deal of new business for the firm.Rob Parson’s performance evaluation is on its course and it became difficult for Paul Nasr to promote Rob Parson because of many negative views.

At Morgan Stanley, a Degree performance evaluation process was implemented where the professionals were evaluated by the superiors, colleagues and subordinates. Robert Ralph "Bob" Parsons (born November 27, ) is an American entrepreneur, billionaire, and philanthropist. Inhe founded the GoDaddy group of companies, including domain name registrar, reseller registrar Wild West Domains, and Blue Razor Domains.

Initially, Rob Parson and Paul Nasr engaged in a Psychological Contract during recruitment. Paul needed someone to take on a challenging job and Parson wanted the opportunity to be creative as well as the chance to achieve a.

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Mar 29,  · Rob was paralyzed in a dirt bike crash over 3 years ago. Never giving up on his passion for drifting - Rob used his skills as a fabricator to build the drift car of his dreams in his own garage.

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3. 1. What is your assessment of Parson's performance?

Bob Parsons

Please use the data in the case to complete the Evaluation and Development Summary in .

Rob parson
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