Robespierre and the reign of terror

If Louis is innocent, all the defenders of liberty become slanderers. Although he was only thirty, comparatively poor, and lacking patronage, he was elected as the fifth deputy of the Third Estate of Artois to the Estates-General. The Reign of Terror was at an end.

Tax collectors could appear from nowhere. Among those charged by the tribunal, about a half were acquitted though the number dropped to about a quarter after the enactment of the Law of 22 Prairial. The Declaration of the Rights of Man The Committee of Public Safety took actions against both.

Maximilien Robespierre

The people must ally itself with the Convention, and the Convention must make use of the people. Your conduct, then, ought also to be regulated by the stormy circumstances in which the republic is placed; and the plan of your administration must result from the spirit of the revolutionary government combined with the general principles of democracy.

Is it not He whose immortal hand, engraving on the heart of man the code of justice and equality, has written there the death sentence of tyrants? Author of our republican motto: Contrary to the long-held belief that Robespierre led an isolated life, he often visited local notables and mingled with the young people of the district.

When the Constituent Assembly was dissolved on September 30th Robespierre and another prominent Jacobin Petion de Villeneuve were the only outgoing deputies recognised as "incorruptible patriots" by the more radically inclined amongst the people of Paris.

From all this let us deduce a great truth: Moreover, the sans-culottes, the scrappy, urban workers of France, agitated leaders to inflict punishments on those who opposed the interests of the poor.

The Girondins were more conservative leaders of the National Convention, while the Montagnards supported radical violence and pressures of the lower classes. During the insurrection Robespierre had scrawled a note in his memorandum-book: Those who wanted, like Georges Dantonto halt the Reign of Terror and the war attacked the policies of the Committee of Public Safety with increasing violence.

But if you will never reclaim these principles in favour of so much evil, the crimes of which belong less to you and more to the government, by what fatal error would you remember yourselves and plead for the greatest of criminals?

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France was in turmoil, and with the aim of restoring order and reducing the danger of invasion from abroad, Robespierre, backed by the committee, proceeded to ruthlessly eliminate all whom he considered to be enemies of the Revolution, both extremists and moderates. He defended actors, Jews, and black slaves and supported the reunion of Avignon, formerly a papal possession, with France in September He defended himself against charges of dictatorship and tyranny, and then proceeded to warn of a conspiracy against the Republic.

Grounded in ancient history and the works of the French philosophers of the Enlightenmenthe welcomed the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizenwhich formed the preamble of the French constitution of September 3,and he insisted that all laws should conform to it. The Jacobins were closely aligned with the sans coulottes or the Paris mob, which seemed to drive the successive revolutionary governments to more and more extreme measures.

He was able to speak of the things about which he was truly passionate, including Virtue and Nature, typical deist beliefs, and his disagreements with atheism.

Robespierre overthrown in France

Robespierre was elected to lead the Committee of Public Safety. Touchy-feely is no way to run a government. It is virtue; I am speaking of the public virtue which effected so many prodigies in Greece and Rome and which ought to produce much more surprising ones in republican France; of that virtue which is nothing other than the love of country and of its laws.Maximilien Robespierre has always provoked strong feelings.

For the English he is the ‘sea-green incorruptible’ portrayed by Carlyle, the repellent figure at the head of the Revolution, who sent thousands of people to their death under the guillotine.

Maximilien Robespierre (­ ) was the leader of the twelve­man Committee of Public Safety elected by the National Convention, and which effectively governed France at the height of the radical phase of the revolution.

He had once been a fairly straightforward liberal thinker - reputedly he. Robespierre instituted a reign of terror during the French Revolution in an effort to keep the revolution pure and to shut down all opposition to his will.

An historical biography of Maximilien Robespierre. The Committee of Public Safety and the Reign of Terror. In July Robespierre was arrested and executed as were many of his fellow Jacobins, thereby ending the Reign of Terror, which was succeeded by the Thermidorian Reaction.

Jacobin Club Learn about the most famous political group of the French Revolution. Nov 11,  · REIGN OF TERROR: The French Revolution, Part III vlogbrothers. Maxmillien Robespierre, the reign of terror, the guillotine, the death of Marie Antoinette, the Directory, the rise of Napoleon.

Robespierre and the reign of terror
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