Rural marketing an untapped potential

Because the trade is seasonal, employment and disposable income can fluctuate arrange the villages during the year. Therefore, it made sense to more specifically survey this segment of the coworking market in order to understand the coworking realities experienced outside main urban centers.

Several Co-operative banks and public sector banks offer the loan facility to the rural people at low-interest rates. Reducing the product features in order to lower prices is a dangerous game to play.

Many successful brands have shown high note of failure in the rural markets because the marketers try to extend marketing plans that they use in urban areas. These have been used to diffuse agricultural technology to rural areas.

Some of their efforts paid off and many markets still an enigma. The market for agricultural inputs that include fertilizers, pesticides, seeds, and so on The concept of rural marketing in India is often been found to forms ambiguity in the mind of people who think rural marketing is all about agricultural marketing.

Thus, looking at the challenges and opportunities, which rural markets offer to the marketers, it can be said that the future is very promising for these who can understand the dynamics of rural markets and export them to their best advantage.

Marketers need to place emphasis on retailers directly rather than depending on the wholesalers for distribution in the rural market as this has not proved to be very effective marketing channel.

The agricultural supplies viz. Marketing Your Way to success… About Us We are a company which caters to the end to end marketing and promotion needs of a client. The sales of motorcycles in the rural regions are higher than urban centers.

Therefore, the marketers move to the rural market to escape the intense completion and generate revenues from the untapped areas. In addition, the farmers with small agricultural land holding are also unable to take advantage of the new technology. It has reached to almost all the villages, even those in the remote locations.

Some districts in Punjab, Haryana and the Western U. Within the final sample, France, Germany, Austria and Spain are the most represented countries. The customer is highly need based and they do not order things which are of little use. To be precise, rural marketing in India Economy covers two broad sections, namely: The coworking market outside big cities still is in a fairly young stage of maturation.

The unique consumption pattern, tastes, and need of the rural consumers should be analysed at the product planning stage so that they match the needs of the rural people.

These are the biggest online retail stores of the country and they have increased their revenue many times with the coverage of cities, towns and now the villages. Fruits, vegetables, flowers, milk, etc. The median age is The rural population in India accounts for around million, which is exactly With the growth in telecom services, the rural people can be reached easily via mobile phones.

Since a while, singles, young couples and families are moving away from the noisy pace and high costs of metropoles to settle within remote areas, looking for wellbeing and affordable cost of the countryside.

A good example is The Ludgate Hub located on the Southern coast of Ireland, in one of the most rural and remote areas of the country. Rural marketing is an evolving concept, and as a part of any economy, has untapped potential; marketers have realized the opportunity recently.

This is because 80 percent of the population in Punjab lives around major highways like GT road. Marketing efforts remain same, only important aspect is type of buyers.Exploring the untapped potential of the rural area is the new trend.

Rural markets holds great scope in terms of customer engagement and awareness. Marketing Your Way to.

Rural Marketing is a developing concept, and as a part of any economy has untapped potential; marketers have realized the opportunity recently.

Rural Marketing

Improvement in. Potential of Rural Marketing The marketers are following the strategy to “Go Rural” because of the following attractions in the rural market: Large Population: Still, the majority of the population in India resides in Villages and therefore, the marketers find more potential in the rural areas and direct their efforts to penetrate the rural.

Rural Marketing in India: It’s Potential, Importance, Problems and Distribution Strategy! Rural marketing involves addressing over million potential consumers and over 40 per cent of the Indian middle income.

Rural Marketing: Introduction, Concept and Definitions

No wonder, the rural markets have been a vital source of growth for most companies. Rural marketing is an evolving concept, and as a part of any economy has untapped potential; marketers have realized the opportunity recently.

Improvement in infrastructure and reach, promise a bright future for those intending to go rural. 4/An untapped potential The main takeaway from the survey is likely that coworking in small town and rural area still offers a big untapped potential.

A big deal of the faced challenges are related to market education.

Rural marketing an untapped potential
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