Scientific research papers on stem cells

Thus, embryonic stem cells are likely to be easier to isolate and grow ex vivo than adult stem cells. The discovery of adult stem cells led scientists to develop an interest in the role of embryonic stem cells, and in separate studies in Gail Martin and Martin Evans derived pluripotent stem cells from the embryos of mice for the first time.

Scientists are also exploring ways to stimulate self-repair, coaxing stem cells in the human body to generate healthy cells to heal damaged tissue from within or to prevent further damage. They are responsible for production of red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets.

In addition, it is worth pointing out that even adult stem cell research is controversial, insofar as stem cell research in general has the potential to lead to human cloning. This new type of stem cell, called induced pluripotent stem cells iPSCswill be discussed in a later section of this document.

Embryos used in medical research for stem cells are well below development that would enable viability. Again, as has been noted above, significantly greater ethical dilemmas inhere to research with embryonic stem cells than to research with adult stem cells.

Matapurkar gets US patent for surgical procedure for organ regeneration - Patents". In some adult tissues, such as bone marrow, muscle, and brain, discrete populations of adult stem cells generate replacements for cells that are lost through normal wear and tear, injury, or disease.

The Science Behind Stem Cell Research

To study normal human development. In the United States alone, an estimated at leastsuch embryos exist. Because many of the restrictions placed on stem cell research have been based on moral dilemmas surrounding the use of embryonic cells, there will likely be rapid advancement in the field as the techniques that created those issues are becoming less of a necessity.

Learn more about clinical translation, the process through which science becomes medicine, here. The basic point here would be that human beings are engaging with a dangerous power that may be intimately connected with the very origins of life itself.

The journal thus maintains the highest standards in terms of quality and comprehensive in its approach. In the future, most medical researchers anticipate being able to use technologies derived from stem cell research to treat a variety of diseases and impairments.

For example, transplantation of healthy retinal pigment epithelial cells to the eye to replace those lost in macular degeneration is now being tested in clinical trials.

Sample Essay on Stem Cell Research: A Historical and Scientific Overview

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Stem cell transplants for patients with illnesses such as leukemia Trials with human beings with degeneration of the eyes Experiments with mice regarding the regeneration of heart tissue The cloning of embryonic stem cells which would avert the need to harvest new stem cells from new embryos Clearly, the scientific progress over the past several years gives great cause for hope.

A single totipotent stem cell can give rise to an entire organism. To put it a little differently: Stem cell research is thus a highly partisan issue, and it is likely to remain that way over the foreseeable future. Again, given that the potential of stem cell research is directly correlated with the plasticity of the stem cells in question, it logically follows that there will be an increasing push by scientists to focus research on embryonic stem cells if at all possible, due to the fact that they have greater plasticity than adult stem cells and thus greater potential to contribute to medical breakthroughs.

Other recent discoveries may extinguish the need for embryonic stem cells. If this were the case, then the manufacture of embryos simply for the purpose of destroying them would be horrific, insofar the destruction of each embryo would then be morally and conceptually equivalent to murder.

Stem Cells and Research

Both lithium and umbilical cord blood are widely available therapies that have long been used to treat diseases in humans. For instance, the virus used to coax regular cells into pluripotent stem cells could lead to cellular mutations that could, in turn, cause cancer in patients.

Hematopoietic stem cells are considered multipotent as they can differentite into red blood cells, platelets, white blood cells but they cannot differentiate into hepatocytes or brain cells. Currently there is no universal method for preserving stem cells and the existing methods are expensive.

Embryonic stem cells make up a significant proportion of a developing embryo, while adult stem cells exist as minor populations within a mature individual e. Works Cited American Medical Association. As ESCs are pluripotent, they can differentiate into any cell type.

More research will be required before noncancerous stem cells can be created.See complete list of stem cell resources in the Stem Cell Research Resource Library.

Disease Modeling Using Stem Cells Read our case studies and the resources we used to develop cellular models using donor iPSCs to study neurodegenerative disease.

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Stem cell controversy

Journals by. Stem Cells and Research The value of stem cells Each and every day, scientists across the world conduct stem cell research that informs our understanding of the human body and how we approach medicine. Sep 16,  · Goal: fit the word "lovely" into all of my IA's and essays for the rest of this year.

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Stem Cell Research

thomas paine common. Stem Cell Policy Moral status of the cells Opponents of stem cell research based on hES believe that because life b at conception, the use of.

The stem cell controversy is the consideration of the ethics of research involving the development, use, and destruction of human embryos. Most commonly, this controversy focuses on embryonic stem all stem cell research involves the human embryos. For example, adult stem cells, amniotic stem cells, and induced pluripotent stem cells .

Scientific research papers on stem cells
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