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The company appeared to have a great deal of ethics and social responsibility from the outside looking in but things were not as they appeared after the company unraveled. In real world there are various cases of ethical lapses.

The ethical environment and issues are a major part of modern business, without ethics business remains no longer a generic organisation. Like utilitarianism it does not apply to effects of actions rather it says when we do our duty then our action will have moral worth.

Essentially a company has to make it clear to stakeholders that their best interests are foremost but ethics and social responsibility will take precedence when developing a strategic plan to lead the company to success.

Kantian philosophy holds this organisation should follow and consider the matters connected with moral obligations. Morality also rises above self-interest. Deshi is Egoist, pre-conventional level, stage 1. In the reality, there is a big the difficulties between running business and teaching in the school.

This is where companies are sometimes found crossing the line of ethics and social responsibility. Ethics imply individual character and also indicate the set of rules which determine the right and wrong.

Mei-Hua believed to base on shareholders theory that she wants shareholders to get more profit. Culture matters more than codes. Journal of Business Ethics, 45 3 She believes leaders should draw on their business knowledge and resources to enhance social welfare.

This all in an attempt to keep stock prices climbing to pad the pockets of the executives and stakeholders alike.

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Morality has priority over other standards including self-interest. Remaining indifferent to standards of global environment iii. Unsrupulous sales and corporate mission. A stakeholder is defined as any person affected by the actions of a business. Jan uses her own success as a great role model to the other fund-raising company in Guatemala.

Sacrificing norms for higher profit ix. Sometimes many immoral activities take place. If anyone accepts a moral principle it involves motivation to follow that principle.

Sacrificing personal values to achieve goals. Not observing government guidelines or socially desirable policies in corporate management.

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He thinks that code of ethics is only a stumbling block for the success of business. In this era of globalisation corporate culture must be sound and quality of product should be consistent, otherwise that company would not be able to exist.

Now-a-days the meaning of the word is wide. Executives should be setting a positive example and encouraging their employees to take the same approach.

Mill after Bentham expanded this idea.Ethics is essentially what a person believes is good or bad. By definition ethics is “rules of behavior based on ideas about what is morally good or bad” (Merriam-Webster, ). There are different theories of ethics which include virtue ethics, utilitarianism ethics, and the deontology theory.

a kantian approach to business ethics 3 1 A Kantian approach to business ethics* norman e. bowie Even the most cursory foray into business ethics will bring one face to face with Kantianism.

Indeed Kant’s influence on that branch of ethical theory known as deontology is so strong that some writers simply refer to deontology as Kantianism. References: Beauchamp, T.L., Bowie, N.E. & Arnold, D.G. (Eds). () Ethical theory and business (8th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education.

Chryssides, G.D., & Kaler, J.H. (). An introduction to business ethics.

Essay on the Importance of Ethics in Business

London, England: Chapman and Hall. Rachels, J., & Rachels, S. (). The elements of moral philosophy (5th ed.). - The object of this essay is to establish whether there is an ethical theory that can be successfully applied to business organizations.

In order to answer this question, it is necessary first to define the major ethical theories, which are utilitarianism, deontology and virtue ethics, before determining whether there are any other options.

Business Ethics and the Role of the Corporation - Business Ethics and the Role of the Corporation The problem to be investigated is the ethical role that the corporation has when balancing internal strategies with external responsibilities.

Current Ethical Issues in Business November 22, PHL/ Mr. Michael Smith Current Ethical Issues in Business Ethics plays an important role in the function of a business.

The overall standards of a company often determine the conscious effort and importance of ethical standards.

The theory of business ethics essay
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