Warrior cat mating stories write a story

Clawpaw did the same, telling Smokekit to run. Suggest new story ideas, may they be lust love or rape. What would she say? Regardless, he waited a moment for her to ajust. He was handsome and strong, with his muscles rippling under his ginger fur glowing silver in the moonbeams and his large green eyes that sparkled with gentleness, patience, and youth.

When they reach the nursery, they bolted into it and found a queen and her three kits, and another queen with her one kit and the two stolen ones. Her blood ran cold. She is sending a patrol to ShadowClan territory later. Padding around to her other side, he placed a quick lick on her cheek. Then again, the Clanmate could be her.

Because of this he said "OK," and watched as Skypaw got into a hunting crouch and put up her tail, exposing her core. But, if he goes, I go, too. Thunderclan had not expected this, and had thought that by the time that the Windclan Warriors could assemble, they would had got the kits and got out, but now all they could do is fight.

Miststar licked her lips. Spottedleaf Longtail padded into her den angrily, spitting.

If Medicine Cats Could Take a Mate

Skypaw was about ready to reply when the patrol stopped. Skypaw moaned with pleasure. The tom cocked his head, "Spottedleaf?

She started moaning even louder, Yelling his name in between moans. Clawface laughed coldly, "I have given them to my Clanmate and they are headed back to camp.

Pushing thoughts of the Dark Forest away for now, she settled into the cool nest and closed her deep blue eyes.

And this gave him a plan. Meanwhile, Ivypool was grinding her teeth together. Was she in the Dark Forest right now? In the brief time between now and then, Clawstar got turned into a Deputy, then leader. Love, lust, rape, or a combo.

She got on her back, her core fully exposed and slightly wet.If Medicine Cats Could Take a Mate. Edit. History Comments This takes place in a warriors world in which medicine cats could take mates and have kits, even though not many cats approve of that.

"She was a warrior before a medicine cat," Spottedleaf said. Spottedleaf pulled some dock out of her store, chewed it up, and started applying. Stories Write Groups. All groups; Free writing courses; Famous poetry classics; Forums: Warrior Cats Mating Series. Eaglefeather saw Callingcloud sit next to Smoothrise.

He loved her. She remembered their names, well at least the she-cat's. She saw Callingclound and a golden tabby tom mating. He let out yowls of joy as she let out. Feb 08,  · How to Write a Warrior Cats Story.

Have you ever wanted to write something creative, while you're sitting at home, bored, drinking some hot chocolate on a cold day, well, here you can find out what to do with your free time!

Grab a piece 84%(40). Browse through and read thousands of warrior cat stories and books. Sign up Log in. respected warrior, swift she-cat, smart friend, strong ally.

Question: What could possibly go wrong? This is a story of the bloodthirsty and murderous cat who wants revenge on his family after the way they treated him as a kit, apprentice, and as a. Warrior cats mating (love, rape you pick) Chapt 1 SeakitXmoonkiy.

Tell m what you think about it. Leave some messges about who will be next. IT WAS HOT maybe edited it and why Blurb out the dirty talk that's the best bit, also with stories like this its good to have NO censorship just add 18+ to the title or whatever.

But yeah all around it. Find out your warrior name, Clan, your rank, and pretty much how your life was as a warrior cat!

Warrior cat mating stories write a story
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