What is snowball sampling

There is no way to know the total size of the overall population. There may be no other way of accessing your sample, making snowball sampling the only viable choice of sampling strategy.

After this Italian nominee was selected, it took the field worker 4 days to find him. Identifying the appropriate person to conduct the sampling, as well as locating the correct targets is a time-consuming process such that the benefits only slightly outweigh the costs.

Snowball sampling address the conditions of lack of trust that arises due to uncertainty about the future through trace-linking methodology.

Strata are simply sub-groups within a population. The second question was seen as especially appropriate for and "ascending" sampling strategy because it cannot be assumed that each snowball is drawn from the same population when only an "imperfect sampling frame" composed of a "special list" compiled by nominees, is available.

This is achieved that investigators act in good faith and establish good working relationship with the subjects. Advantages and disadvantages limitations of snowball sampling Advantages of snowball sampling Snowball sampling is a useful choice of sampling strategy when the population you are interested in studying is hidden or hard-to-reach.

Snowball sampling may also be viewed as an effective sampling strategy from a perspective of research design and the choice of research methods. According to research mentioned in the paper written by Kath Browne, [21] using social networks to research is accessible.

About 60 percent of this population has double nationality — both Spanish and Argentinian. Graphically represented, these sampling ranged in "length" i.

Snowball Sampling

Another disadvantage of snowball sampling is the lack of definite knowledge as to whether or not the sample is an accurate reading of the target population.

Snowball sampling is inevitable in social systems. STEP ONE Try to identify one or more units in the desired population Imagine that the population we are interested in are students that download pirate music over the Internet or that take drugs.

Spanish national statistics classifies them as European citizens only and there is no information about the place of birth tied to the profiles of entrepreneurs in Spain either.

Snowball sampling

Journal of Advanced Nursing, 26, Snowball sampling method does not require complex planning and the staffing required is considerably smaller in comparison to other sampling methods.

These conflicts among groups or people include the differences to claim the area of territory, resources, trade, civil and religious rights that cause considerable misunderstanding and heighten the disagreements that lead to an environment with lack of trust and suspicion.

In one subset, "foreign origin" was the trait to be saturated; in the other, it was "prostitution as occupation". Analysis[ edit ] After subjects were identified, both quantitative and qualitative analyses of the three samples were conducted, and graphic representations of the data were constructed and marked for relevant traits.

In this example, three samples were selected from the dataset base for analysis to meet a criterion of holding the "length" of the three samples constant.

The basicsif you are unsure about the terms unit, case, object, sample and population]. For example, a threatening political environment under authoritarian regime creates obstacles for What is snowball sampling investigators to conduct the research.

Sample one was started with a year-old British heroin user whose referrals included a year-old Italian. Two-tailed KS tests were performed on the pooled data of the three samples one-sample test and on the between-snowballs subgroups data two-samples test.

Respondent-driven sampling[ edit ] A new approach to the study of hidden populations. For example, there are no lists of drug users or prostitutes that a researcher could get access to, especially lists that could be considered representative of the population of drug users or prostitutes.

He then nominated, among others, another Italian, 22 years of age, who was found on the same day. In this research, Kath Browne used social networks to research non-heterosexual women.Snowball sampling (also known as chain-referral sampling) is a non-probability (non-random) sampling method used when characteristics to be possessed by samples are rare and difficult to find.

For example, if you are studying the level of customer satisfaction among elite Nirvana Bali Golf Club in. In sociology and statistics research, snowball sampling (or chain sampling, chain-referral sampling, referral sampling) is a nonprobability sampling technique where existing study subjects recruit future subjects from among their acquaintances.

Thus the sample group is said to grow like a rolling snowball. Snowball sampling can happen in a number of ways, but generally it is when a group of people recommends potential participants for a study, or. Snowball sampling is a non-probability sampling technique that is used by researchers to identify potential subjects in studies where subjects are hard to locate.

Snowball sampling is a technique in which initially identified members of a population help the researcher identify and locate others. Snowball sampling is a non-probability based sampling technique that can be used to gain access to such populations.

Creating a snowball sample. To create a snowball sample, there are two steps: (a) trying to identify one or more units in the desired population.

What is snowball sampling
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